Awavãna Arts

Created in collaboration with Hushahu Yawanawá, Awavãna Arts gives a platform for indigenous artists to showcase their work.

  • Supporting artists:

    Each purchase gives a chance for an indigenous artist to support their family by working for a fair price. We buy directly from artists of various villages, including those that don’t receive much funding through other means. This allows the artists to support their families while working from their own home on something that strengthens their culture and values their rich heritage.

  • Supporting communities:

    As well as supporting individual artists, the funds we raise also give back to the forest through our partner organisation Kairao. Through Kairao, we fund and develop projects that take a wider view of how to preserve indigenous culture and the forest it comes from.

  • Indigenous art:

    Indigenous art is rooted in culture and tradition. Each design carries a meaning based on the cosmology of the tribe. The patterns are based on visions of the spiritual world, often representing animals, plants and elements of the forest. Traditionally these arts act as a protection as well as objects of beauty, connecting you with the land and spirits of the forest.

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